Stormrider 88

All Mountain Freeride Ski

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Light & stable all-mountain ski | 88 mm
Absolute performance on- and off-piste
Off piste On piste
Short turn Long turn
Slow speed Fast speed
  • Swiss made skis
  • 2-year warranty
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Stormrider 88 from 1099 EUR incl. VAT.
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Whether as a freeride ski or on the slopes, a true all-rounder like the Stormrider 88 knows how to impress everywhere. Rocker technologies from the freeride segment provide excellent lift in fresh snow. The waist width of 88 mm and the sporty tailoring also allow great carving on the slopes. Thanks to slight adjustments to the wood core, it’s now even more playful and agile than ever. So, what are you waiting for? Off to the mountains with you.
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Technical specification
Sandwich System
Titanal Technology PRO




The gradual bending up of the ski at its tip and tail is called the rocker. Stöckli modifies the rocker according to the type of ski. Typically, the longer and more pronounced the rocker, the more lift is generated and the more responsive and easy-turning the ski becomes.
  • better float in powder
  • Less effort required
  • easier to turn on pistes
  • easier edging
Light Core & Super Light Core
Light Core & Super Light Core

Light Core & Super Light Core

Particularly light European wood species are deployed in the all-mountain, freeride/off-piste and touring segments. This makes the core a little softer and suppler, which lends the ski dynamism and makes it very durable.
  • Reduced weight due to ultralight cores
  • dynamic ski response
  • very durable
Thin Glass Laminate
Thin Glass Laminate

Thin Glass Laminate

This fiberglass laminate is 25% lighter than its conventional counterpart. The optimized material composition maintains the stiffness of the fiberglass and thus the ski’s handling characteristics.
  • Lighter in weight, same degree of flex
Solid Metal Edge Light
Solid Metal Edge Light

Solid Metal Edge Light

Same edge width as the SME. A modified die-cutting procedure, however, means the edge is inserted less deeply into the ski, which saves weight.
  • Longer service life
  • Reduced susceptibility to damage
  • More grinding possible


This sidewall is slightly softer and therefore more elastic than the phenolic sidewall. It exhibits damping properties and thus boasts significantly higher impact resistance.
  • Highly robust
  • High impact resistance
  • Damping properties
Tail Rocker
Tail Rocker

Tail Rocker

Rocker: A longer rocker at the tail with a flatter radius.
  • With the longer, extended rocker, the edge in contact with the snow is decreased, making the ski more playful.
  • The longer rocker enables optimum grip when edging.
Freeride Tip Technology
Freeride Tip Technology

Freeride Tip Technology

Light, stiff insert material at the tip makes the shovel more stable and less jittery. This light Freeride Tip material helps generate more lift in deep snow.
  • Improved lift with lower swing weight and more stable shovel
  • Easy, effortless skiing in all snow conditions
Titanal Technology Pro
Titanal Technology Pro

Titanal Technology Pro

An additional protective coating featuring a slightly raised structure is applied to the Titanal surface. This affords the ski better protection from scratches on the top surface and gives it a special haptic.
  • Enhanced scratch resistance
  • Agreeable haptic
  • Optical effect
  • Reduced weight, as the graphics are printed directly on the Titanal

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating



Skiing a Stöckli for the first time can only be described as a religious experience.

I was reluctant to believe the hype, writing it off as an overpriced luxury item. How wrong could I have been...


This ski lets me do anything and everything I want.

It’s the rocker for me. On piste I can initiate a turn without unweighting, I can turn instantly, put the ski across the fall line in one direction and immediately rotate my feet and throw my hips...

Charlie S


Les skis sont très bien sur piste. Pas encore de poudreuse cette année. Vous m’avez installé des fixations rando/piste. Plusieurs professionnels m’indiquent que ces fixations ne sont pas recommandé...

Taillard hodez


Bonjour, je suis ravie des skis sur piste. Vous m’avez installé des fixations mixtes dessus ( ski& Rando). Plusieurs professionnels m’ont indiqué qu’il s’agit de fixation pour homme et que je ...

Taillard Hodez

Un ski redoutable

J’ai testé ma nouvelle paire de Stormrider pendant les fêtes, un ski extrêmement polyvalent bien que plus typé piste. Super G mais également très à l’aise pour des petits virages court. Grande stab...


Super polyvalent

1m73, 75kg, j'ai pris les stormrider 88 en 175cm.
Je sors d'une semaine de ski sur ces Stormrider 88 (2022/2023) et bien que je n'ai pas rencontré des conditions de poudreuse, ces s...

Olivier P


Sono diversi anni che scio con questo modello, fantastico sia in neve fresca che in pista, appena li calzi hai la sensazione incredibile di quanto sia facile sciare con gli Stormrider !

Di Cesare

Stormrider 88, einer der besten von Stöckli

Ich fahre seit geraumer Zeit, rund 40 Jahre, nur Stöckli Ski.
Kenne alle Modelle mehr als gut.
=> Der Stormrider 88 ist für mich (58, 1.94 100kg) der ideale Ski: Hohe Laufruhe bei allen Schn...

Theo Leuthardt


Bonjour, ce ski tiens bien en piste dure, je l'ai pris un plus court que normal ce qui me permet de jouer en virage court avec une jolie tenue sur les carres, en poudreuse, c'est magique...

Burdet Jacky

1969 Ski Racer

Ski Perform Very well on Ice and Packed Snow. Like skiing in Heaven on Groomed Snow.

Peter J Marsh


Ich mag den Stormrider sehr,.... ich fahre damit zügig und linientreu schnell talwärts,... bei Schneehauffen muss ich konzentriert bleichen dass ich die Ski nicht unbeabsichtigt kreuze und auf die ...


SR 88 C'est de la dynamite !

Cette saison j'ai pris en main mes Stormrider 88. Précis dans les courbes, belle accroche sur neige dure (comme sur des rails) et très joueur. Le SR88 permet de skier relax tout en conservant ...

Eric B

Super Skis!!

Ich habe mich nach einem Skitest für den Stormrider 88 entschieden. Er gefällt mir sehr sehr gut. Es ist ein Ski den man leicht dazu bringt kurze Kurven zu machen. Lange Kurven wie beim Carven sind...

Jan Tischhauser


Sci fantastico in ogni condizione di neve, quando gli altri smettono di sciare io inizio a divertirmi. PURO DIVERTIMENTO PURA MANEGEVOLEZZA. SUPER!

Antonio DC

The best I've ever owned!

Love these skis, been skiing for 20 years, fast, powder, groomers, etc.. The Stormriders are the best skis I have ever owned.

Joe R.


Beautiful ski. Light, forgiving, easy to turn. Great on hardpack. Stable at speed. Terrific edge hold. Playful and fun, fun, fun. Stockli quality very obvious.


très bonne évolution du vario

c'est un ski qui donne la banane, très bon ski pour la rando un peu lourd mais on ne peut pas tout avoir le plaisir à la descente l'accroche en pente raide et avoir un ski très lé

stormrider 88

They can do it all

These things are quite the ski. They blast through crud, chopped-up snow and all the other gunk and junk you find off piste when it’s not a powder day. On piste they carve beautifully. They're...



These things are quite the ski. They blast through crud, chopped-up snow and all the other gunk and junk you find off piste when it’s not a powder day. On piste they carve beautifully. They're...


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