The correct ski size for you

Recommendations from experts

What is important when choosing the ski length

Not only the correct ski but also the right ski length is vital for you to perform perfectly carved turns in the snow. However, finding the ideal ski length is not all that simple, particularly for skiers with less experience or for beginners.

Type of ski

The correct ski size is determined by the relationship between height and ability, plus the type of ski. Giant slalom, all-mountain or freeride skis for example are normally somewhat longer while shorter skis are better suited for slalom skis to handle the tight turns. First, you need to consider which category and which ski model is the right one for you.

Your ski ability

Then you need to assess your ski ability. If you are the beginning of your “ski career,” you will be better served with a shorter ski. Shorter skis are easier to handle and offer the needed safety and maneuverability at low speeds. If you already have more experience, you could move toward longer skis. The advantage here is that longer skis also ensure less chatter and more stability at higher speeds.

Your body height

Finally, use your height to help guide you to the correct ski size for you. That’s because the ski length should always have a certain relationship to a skier’s body height. The following chart has our recommendations for the different categories related to ski ability. These recommendations stem from years of experience selling skis and advising customers on their purchase. Nevertheless, the recommendations aren’t a must for everybody. Rather, they are a good reference point particularly for less experienced skiers. If you are still not sure which ski length is right for you, feel free to contact us at any time here. Our experts are standing by to offer you advice!