Marco Odermatt has the World Cup trophy in his sights.

In Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Marco Odermatt got his ninth victory of the season. Lars Rösti (Europa Cup) and Marielle Thompson (Ski Cross) also had cause for celebration this weekend.

Marco Odermatt has the World Cup trophy in his sights.

The Kandahar run in Garmisch-Partenkirchen has sections called “Eishang,” “Auf der Mauer,” and “Frei Fall,” which literally translate to “Ice slope,” “On the wall,” and “Freefall,” respectively. And this is where two men's Super-G races took place on the weekend. Despite being in the same place, these two races have completely different characteristics. In Germany, Marco Odermatt completed his 16th and 17th races of the season, achieving his 9th victory in the process. 


On Saturday, the man from Nidwalden did not quite take to the Garmisch Super-G and the prevailing piste conditions, finishing fourth. So, it was time for the weather forecast to predict a cold night so that there was hope of a crisp Kandahar the following day – and this is what happened. 


This change suited Marco Odermatt. “Today’s race was completely different to yesterday's,” said Odermatt on Sunday when commenting on the different conditions. “Once again, we raced to the limit. Even during the inspection, I could see that the snow was much harder, even off the line. The organizers have done fantastically well. I knew that if I went too direct, I could get back to the line.”  


The 26-year-old felt much more comfortable, was able to show off his strengths again and raced to his 12th victory in a World Cup Super-G, and his 33rd World Cup victory in total.  


Joy for Lars Rösti, Noemie Kolly and Marielle Thompson 

Marco Odermatt was not the only one to achieve top placings on Stöckli skis. Lars Rösti, from the Bernese Oberland, won the Europa Cup downhill in Tarvisio (ITA) for the third time in a row, and he was narrowly beaten for first in the second race. “I can’t really explain why I race so well here in Tarvisio. But this result is definitely good,” said the 26-year-old after the weekend. Noemie Kolly, who was nominated for the Super-G in Cortina d’Ampezzo because of some injury-related absences from the Swiss team, took her opportunity by finishing 16th. “I am very happy and very proud of this result,” said the woman from Fribourg, who arrived in Cortina just the day before the race.  


Marielle Thompson got another Stöckli success in the ski cross. The Canadian skier came out on top in the main rehearsal for the 2025 World Championships in St. Moritz, skiing to her 26th World Cup victory.  

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