Laser WRT ST

Sport Carving Ski

Overall Rating
Extreme on-slope performance
Short to mid-radius turns & loads of power
Off piste On piste
Short turn Long turn
Slow speed Fast speed
  • Swiss made skis
  • 2-year warranty
100% Slalom, 100% Giant Slalom, 200% Racing DNA. The Laser WRT is an exceptional ski that's inspired by alpine racing and built to meet ultra stringent demands: it combines the strengths of a giant slalom ski with those of a slalom ski, making it the perfect companion for the slopes. Short turns, sweeping turns – the Laser WRT's reactions are fast and flexible. And no loss of agility or stability. In sum: the Laser WRT promises speed, razor-sharp turning and incredible power. Your own personal World Cup race every time you hit the slopes.
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Technical specification
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Technical specification
Sandwich System


Solid Metal Edge
Solid Metal Edge

Solid Metal Edge

Stöckli has started incorporating wider edges in all of its ski models. This not only extends the lifetime of the ski, but it also pays dividends for ski rental services, where the material is subject to particularly harsh use. In addition, the exceptionally robust materials and a clever design protect the ski surface against scratches and damage.
  • Longer ski service life
  • More edge-sharpening services are possible over the lifetime of the ski
Full Edge Contact
Full Edge Contact

Full Edge Contact

The ski is wider at the tip (and for GS also at the tail.)
  • Easier and faster initiation of the turn
  • Enhanced grip in the turn thank to a longer edge contact length
Carbon Steering Control
Carbon Steering Control

Carbon Steering Control

CSC Technology was successfully used in the Alpine Skiing World Cup. The carbon laminate visibly recognizable in the window is glue-laminated as appropriate for each end point. In the flex line, the carbon laminate flexes ideally so that the ski loses none of its perfect tuning. On strong impacts, the carbon laminate comes under tension through its specialized glue laminate at the ends, which results in less flattening out on the snow.
  • Perfect control, even in difficult conditions

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Dr jur

Ce ski, essayé ces jours à Verbier, sur des pistes poudreuses glacées, est à mon avis le meilleur de la gamme Stöckli, mais également de tous les skis haut de gamme que j'ai utilisés ces derni...

Martin Jean Daniel

Dr jur

Ce ski, essayé ces jours à Verbier, sur des pistes poudreuses glacées, est à mon avis le meilleur de la gamme Stöckli, mais également de tous les skis haut de gamme que j'ai utilisés ces derni...

Martin Jean Daniel

WRT ST : pure adrenaline skis.

I own these 2021/22 WRT ST and I could make comparisons with my previous Laser GS using the same racing plate and bindings (they get quite reactive when paired with a racing plate and bindings). Th...

Alessandro Bellotti

De la balle !

Tous les attributs d'un SL avec la rigidité/stabilité à plus haute vitesse. Inégalable.
Faut juste pas oublier de muscler ses petites gambettes ! ;)



Un ski exceptionnel, précis, stable à grande vitesse, qui tourne court et long
J’ai adoré


der Beste

Topski, alles perfekt! Der beste Ski den ich jemals gefahren bin!



Konnte heute den Ski in Adelboden testen. Ganz herzlichen Dank Oester Sport. Dieser Ski ist absolut stabil, bei fast 100 Kmh spürte ich, wie sich der Ski problemlos beherrschen liess. Bei kleineren...

Pierre-Alain Mombelli

Was willst Du mehr?

Zu diesem Ski gibt es nur einen Kommentar.
Was willst Du mehr?
In den letzten 35 Jahren bin ich noch nie einen so agilen "geilen" Ski gefahren.
Ich hoffe ich kanniIhn noch viele Jahre ...



Très bon ski, vitesse, virage court et long.


Absolute on-piste smile machines

These skis are just gently relaxed version of racing skis, which makes them happy, versatile partner for a day on frontside. Solid and accurate, but not overreacting nor “one turn radius only” – ki...



Der beste Ski den ich auf der Piste gefahren bin. Ob kurze oder lange Schwünge der Ski begeistert. Voraussetzung aber ist, dass du ein guter Skifahrer bist der auch den ganzen Tag die Kraft hat um ...