Aline Danioth with her best World Cup finish to date

Aline Danioth her best World Cup finish to date as seventh in the Slalom at Lienz (AUT).

Aline Danioth with her best World Cup finish to date

The last World Cup races of 2019 took place on the weekend in Bormio (men) and in Lienz (women). From the Stöckli camp there was not a lot of positive news to report with one joyful exception. This exception concerned Aline Danioth and considering all it is an extremely pleasant one. In a difficult slalom at Lienz, the 21-year-old skier from Uri succeeded at nailing her best World Cup finish to date with a 7th. And she was suitably happy about it. “I am mega happy. In general right now I’m just feeling really good on skis, and everything just went really well.” The skier from Uri even found a positive side to not qualifying for the second run of the giant slalom. The raw results didn’t of course reflect it, but with just a high start number it just almost wasn’t even possible. The slope was not easy, the piste was not easy – but I fought it out and can therefore be satisfied with myself.”

In general, however, the Stöckli team in the women’s giant slalom at Lienz didn’t live up to its value. Olympic champion Viktoria Rebensburg was the only with her 14th place to gain World Cup points. “Let’s say this: It was just not my day,” was the German skier’s response. In contrast to Courchevel where it went superbly for her, she said she never quite found her rhythm or the right feeling. “We tried a little something on the ski. Perhaps we won’t do that again. I know the reasons why it didn’t work out in Lienz though,” said Rebensburg. Andrea Ellenberger didn’t not make the cut in the second run, and Jasmina Suter was already out in the first.

Among the men in Bormio, the situation was in fact even worse. The negative highlight was certainly the injury of yet another Stöckli athlete. Nils Mani, 27, from the Bernese Highlands, fell on the downhill on Saturday after about a minute into the run and slid across the piste into the safety net. Mani then did stand up on his own accord, but had intense pain in his hip area. Not only that, the ski was broken in a way that didn’t allow him to ski to the finish on his own, but rather had to get a ride down on a snowmobile. Medical tests (MRI) revealed that the speed specialist had a muscle tear in the area of his upper thigh/hip. Due to the intense pain, Mani was as of this writing still in the hospital in St. Moritz. He hoped that he would be able to go home on Dec. 30. He is extremely doubtful that he’ll be able to race in the classics in January – Wengen (Jan. 17-18) and Kitzbühel (Jan. 24-25).

The Slovenian Martin Cater was not able to improve the overall outcome with his 39th place in the first downhill, a DNF in the second, and a DNF in the Alpine Combined.

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