Cleaning the chain

In order to thoroughly clean the chain and the components of the chain drive, it is important to use a special chain degreaser. Spray MOTOREX EASY CLEAN on the chain and the rear derailer gearing.

✓ Tip: Afterwards, depending on how dirty the chain was, it may be helpful to lightly scrub it over with a brush – repeating this if necessary.

This biologically degradable product removes any dirt deposits and grease residues reliably and quickly.

Allow the degreaser to work in for a short time. Grease the chain after each application of EASYCLEAN.

✓ Tip: Before applying EASY CLEAN make sure any sensitive floor surfaces are covered to avoid staining. Cardboard boxes are usually helpful and readily available.

Cleaning the frame

Spray the bike with the biodegradable cleaner and – depending on how dirty it is – leave it to work in for 3 to 5 minutes (avoid direct contact with sunlight). Can also be used on carbon!

After the cleaning agent has had time to work in, wash the bike down with lots of water. For this purpose use a hose with a finely atomized water jet (keeping a distance of 20 cm from the bike). Do not direct the water jet directly on the bearings or axles.

✓ Tip: We urgently advise you not to use high pressure cleaning equipment!

If possible treat the most important components (rear derailler, chain, gear shift, brake discs) with compressed air in order to remove any residual water, using a cloth for drying down.

Greasing the chain

After completing the cleaning process, including drying, grease the drive chain.

The sprocket cassette does not have to be specially treated because it receives enough grease from the chain itself. It is better to sparingly grease the chain on a regular basis, rather than overgreasing the respective components once per year.

Make sure that while greasing no spray or oil lands on the sides of the rims or the brake discs.

✓ Tip: Apply the DRY LUBE or WET LUBE to the inside of the chain. Hold a cloth underneath the chain in order to protect the floor from any drops.

If you don't have a bike stand then turn the pedals backwards while greasing the chain (approx. four turns should suffice).

Remove any excess lubricant with a cloth. Give the oil or spray sufficient time to work in, ideally overnight.

Cleaning products for frames

MOTOREX BIKE SHINE is a spray polish that repels water and moisture and gives the bike its necessary shine. After spraying the parts, polish the treated areas with a soft cloth. The spray can also be used on carbon!

Make sure that the product does not come into contact with the brake discs or rims.

✓ Tip: In order to avoid contact with the brake disc or rims you can also spray the polish on a clean cloth and then use the cloth to wipe over the desired areas.

This care and protection spray returns the high finish to your bike and refreshes the colors. Its regular application makes subsequent cleaning considerably easier because it forms a light protective film that reduces the collection of earth and dirt on the bike frame. Your bike is thus optimally protected and shines like new.