The bike interview with Marco Odermatt

Marco Odermatt, the junior giant slalom world champion, explains why biking is also very important to him. This summer he is perfectly equipped with Stöckli's Sphen RSC.

The bike interview with Marco Odermatt

Hello Marco, how is your rehab going?

M.O.: Hi everybody, my rehab overall is going well. Anybody who has been injured knows that sometimes you take a small step backwards, and that’s my experience too. But I am confident I’ll be up on skis again in a few weeks.

At Stöckli, we’re normally used to seeing you on Stöckli Laser GS skis. Are you really also a mountain biking enthusiast?

M.O.: Honestly, giving it my all on Laser GS skis is a little easier for me than on a bike. However, I still quite enjoy heading outdoors regularly on my new Stöckli bike. It is a pretty cool alternative to traditional training.

Aesthetically speaking, how do you like the Stöckli Sphen RSC?

M.O.: It’s great! The black color is simple, but with the red Stöckli lettering it still however has a little color going. All of my friends have been quite enthusiastic.

How is the ride?

M.O.: Certainly when going uphill you still have to hike sometimes, but it’s certainly a little bit easier than before. Downhill is of course brilliant with such a bike!

If you had to compare this bike with a pair of skis, which model would you relate to the Sphen RSC and why?

M.O.: Difficult question, but I would likely think of an all-round ski. That is to say, the Sphen RSC is super on any terrain and is simple to ride. It is totally fun.

Would you recommend your bike to others? If so, why?

M.O.: Of course I would! I have never ever had a better, nicer-looking bike. And the ride is awesome. I enjoy being back on the bike every single time.

What is your favorite area or tour for biking?

M.O.: Since I have been in school in Engelberg the last five years, I know just about every hill. The countryside all around Lake Lucerne. I like just as much as the mountains in Engelberg.

Back to skiing – what are you goals for the coming season?

M.O.: The most important goal is staying healthy. Provided that all goes as planned, I am already looking forward to the season opener in Sölden. I hope I can achieve the same performances as I did last year and really go hard.

Thanks very much, Marco! Good luck with your training! 

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