Whoever purchases a Stöckli bike can rest assured there is as much “Swissness” as possible in the new piece of equipment.

“We don’t want to be the biggest, just the best.”

This maxim has been the foundation of our company philosophy for more than 80 years. With bikes, too, we set the bar very high and invest an above average amount in research and development. If there were an analogy to ski, we would say that Stöckli leaves nothing to chance, and certainly too when it comes to bike sports. We have also worked hard to attain success based on the typical Stöckli attribute of quality. Quality is our top priority on the list of requirements. Doesn’t matter if it is for the beginner or high-end category – all parts of every model have the identical level of quality.

Bike Development at Stöckli

We have had our own development department since 2010. That means that all frame concepts as well as special accessories are designed by ourselves in Switzerland with the most modern tools and equipment. And the frame is the heart of every bike – concept, geometry and suspension systems build the basis for a solidly functioning bike that delivers a high fun factor.

E-Mobility – Enjoy the new type of bike

Take just one short demo ride and you will feel the difference when you sit on the saddle of a quality Swiss product. With our E-bikes and E-mountain bikes, every last detail is exactly right, making these so unique. The newest technology, geometry and designs are thoroughly thought out and tested down to the smallest detail. And we also engage in partnerships with Swiss brands whenever that possibility exists.